Dykhouse Wedding

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jeff & Allison Dykhouse. What a great wedding!
We got some pictures before the wedding outside by Reeds Lake. The happy couple!

Waiting anxiously for the wedding to start. The bride thought the moment would never come.

The night is always better with my hubby at my side. Isn't he handsome?


Check out this guy at the Tigers Game. Click on the "X" to see the most annoying man ever.

This past month has been filled with good friends, good conversations, laughter, tears, and many blessed moments. Here are some pictures to go along with all that has happened. First of all, Justin and I were able to take a vacation to see some of our favorite people in California. We went wine tasting and ate some awesome food. We always eat well when we are together.

We did say Kevin Bacon while strolling down the road in Santa Monica. He is just as cute in person as he is on the movies.

My 1999 Prizm had its last run to Hastings over the past month. We had to say goodbye to Yolanda and bought a 2005 Malibu Maxx, which we love. It rides so nicely and fits us well. It was worth the wait for both of us to drive our crappy cars for so long in order to buy a car that we love and is going to last us until our kids are born. Here is what our car looks like.

Last but not least, I was offered a new job with Hospice of Holland doing Medical Social Work. I started this week and it is quite a change from Lifespan. I am excited to be home at a decent hour most nights and still am able to do what God is calling me to.


Detroit Tigers

After many stressful weeks, I have found that one of things that brings me the most joy is watching the Detroit Tigers. Although they are not having the greatest year (which is completely dumbfounding) baseball continues to be a true love of mine and Justin's. After working a long week I know that I can look forward to either going to a game or watching them on t.v. We have been to 4 games already and are looking forward to many more this year. Something about Comerica Park is relaxing. Maybe it is the smell of hot dogs and onions or the sound of drunk fans yelling behind me, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.


Grandma Betty

Grandma Betty has been with Jesus since early Saturday morning. After years of fighting brain aneurisms and tumors, strokes, and much disability the Lord took her soundly in her sleep. She raised 7 children by herself and always gave more than she took. She was selfless and many stories shared over the past days have resembled just that fact. Although she has been in the nursing home for over 21 years, she was always full of life, smiles, and laughter. She received excellent care and love from her family there and it became her second home.

Thanks Grandma Betty for all the memories and laughs. Thanks for always fighting and being courageous through situations and events that are difficult for anyone to pull through. You will be missed greatly by our family but we find much peace in knowing that you are standing before Jesus. You can now walk, run, dance, and talk like you deserve. We are thankful for the promise of new bodies and lives. We love you Grandma. See you soon.


Many Memories

It has been such a long time since I have even looked at this blog but am now realizing that I have learned many things over the past few months and shared in many great times that are worth sharing. Here are some pictures with some memories of how faithful and good the Lord has been to us.

During the fall and winter my brother moved in with us as his marriage went through some changes. It was one of the hardest times Justin and I have faced together and one of most growth. We realized the importance and meaning of a Christian marriage. Although I am completely heartbroken for my brother and family, I am thankful for God's provision and love for us through this hardship. It is long from over, but much hope is in the future. It was a wonderful celebration ringing in the New Year with two of the men I love most in my life!

Justin cooked me quite the meal for Valentines Day and we enjoyed our first night as honeymooners (again). Brian moved out and we were able to have a nice night at home together. We ate well, had great conversation, and I was surprised with a Detroit Tigers jersey as a gift. There is not much more meaningful than that!

Although Michigan winters are horrible at times and last WAY TOO LONG, I continue to stand amazed at the beauty of God's sovereign creation. Here are some pictures we took at Holland State Park. The ice went out into the lake near the lighthouse and the smell of winter was all around. Yes, it was cold, very cold. I still think that it is near impossible to find a more beautiful sight than the Lake Michigan in the winter.

The Lord is good. His love endures forever. The Glory of the Lord shines through all the earth. He loves His people. These thoughts have really hit home for me over the past months. We have seen good, bad, and the ugly. God still remains faithful to us.


After a few weeks with my new job I am realizing how important this work is. I have been in numerous situations where I am uncomfortable and speechless and yet, I always leave feeling as though the Lord used me. Today I met a 62 year old woman with breast cancer who was actively dying. She was in severe pain and was screaming to me through her eyes and facial expressions that she hurt, that she was scared, that she needed me. Although hours later she was still dying, she was comfortable and calm. She was resting and her body was dying as it should.

Sometimes I need to step outside to collect myself and remember why I am doing this. I always leave knowing that I made a difference in the lives of those I meet during such a crucial time in their life. It reminds me of how important it really is to walk with people through their pain. I am learning what it really means to hold someone's hand through some of the scariest times of life. Learning how important a hug can be. Learning how important HOPE is.

It amazes me how much I have learned about the Lord as well as myself through this new position. My eyes are continually opened and my pride continually humbled. Being Jesus with skin on to these families really take on a whole new meaning for me.



It has happened. God is good. I recieved a job offer from LifeSpan, a place I interviewed at awhile ago. It is a MSW position working with hospice patients and their families. It will be different than anything else I have ever done but I know that I will learn a lot and be able to use my gifts there. I am very excited about this opportunity and even more excited that I don't have to hunt any further for a new job.

I have learned slowly that life really is all about God's timing rather than my own. He always provides.